A patients advice for potential patients

Newport Beach Oral Surgery and a patient’s advice to a patient

newport beach oral surgeryNewport Beach Oral Surgery – Whether you need dental implants or looking for more extensive surgery, you’ll need to find the perfect specialist. You can’t just go with the cheapest or closest. Here are three tips from a real patient to help you find the best Newport Beach oral surgeon for all your needs.

What Does Your Insurance Recommend?

You may be able to get your dental surgery covered by your insurance. When this is the case, you’ll usually have a limited number of surgeries within your hospital to be able to claim. Look at the list to help narrow down your options in Newport Beach.

If you’re not using your insurance or you can’t, you could still look at the list of surgeries. It could help give you a place to start. If not, you’ll need to take your search online.

Talk to Family and Friends

You probably won’t be the only person who has ever gotten dental surgery at Newport Beach Oral Surgery with doctor Michaelis. Rather than only looking at online reviews initially, talk to people you know. Find out if they’ve had dental implants or needed oral surgery for work or other reasons. They may not want to discuss what they’ve had done, but be able to share the experience with Doctor Michaelis.

This isn’t just for reviews, but also to find out about costs and aftercare. Somewhere that didn’t need work afterwards but was more expensive could work out financially better for you.

Contact the Companies

There’s nothing wrong with getting in touch with other patients that have written reviews in public formats about Dr. Michaelis. You’ll be able to find out more about the experts, and whether they offer something for your needs. You could also visit our office itself to get an idea of cleanliness and whether it is worth the money, especially if you’re paying out of your own pocket.

Don’t go for the first Newport Beach dentist you find or the cheapest, most likely their not a oral surgeon who has been trained many more years than a typical dentist is. You want to find the best one for your specific needs, and remember, “Your smile shouldn’t hurt.” – Newport Oral Surgery