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Healthgrades Reviews For Doctor Michaelis

Healthgrades Reviews For Doctor Michaelis

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Dr. Thomas R. Michaelis, MD


As I said earlier, I really enjoy spending time with my patients and getting to know them on a personal level. It’s probably the best part of what I do. The opportunity to meet so many wonderful people is only possible because of what I do for a living. Anytime a patient feels the same way it really makes all the sacrifice and hard work worth it. I would work for only “Thank you’s” if I could… But my landlord…and employees…and vendors…and the IRS…etc. want cash.

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oral implants

Why have oral implants?

Why have oral implants?

Dental implants have been made use of to replace missing natural teeth beginning in the mid-1960s, however in current years their usage has actually come to be far more extensive and help people in their everyday lives. They often are made to be made in order to support crowns, changing single missing teeth, bridges that recover a bigger span of missing teeth, and even dentures.
Implants (In most cases) are made from titanium, a steel that is understood to be appropriate with body tissues as well as able to bond with adjoining bone throughout recovery. There is a now a wealth of proof from studies as well as from scientific experience, to reveal that oral implants are a secure and practical means to replace certain troubled teeth  with natural-looking results.

Why do we need oral implants

Oral implants have a number of vital advantages over traditional crowns, bridges as well as dentures:
Implants look and also feel like all-natural teeth.

Implants operate in the very same means as organic teeth and also there are no problems with eating or washing the teeth.

Healthy adjacent teeth do not have to be filed down to act as assistance for the missing tooth or teeth. This implies that they are therefore less likely to need origin dental fillings.

The visibility of the dental implant maintains the structure of the bone underneath the changed tooth, as chewing forces are sent via the dental implant to the bone as well as stimulate the natural process of bone renewal. This helps preserve a great look, both of the brought back teeth as well as of the face.
Oral implants can be used to give removable dentures a firm grasp.


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3 Helpful Tips You Should Use After Getting Dental Implants

3 Helpful Tips You Should Use After Getting Dental Implants “This article was found to be helful by the editors of the website and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Michaelis”
The dental implant surgical treatment is the finest treatment we know of  to have a well-fixed and regular replacement for your missing tooth or teeth. In fact, modern-day science has progressed so a lot that astonishing treatments are offered nowadays and oral implant surgery happens to be among them now.
If you’re going to have dental implant surgical procedure to switch out a missing out on tooth then you’re definitely on the ideal track.

# 1. Tidy Twice a Day.
My very first recommendations to you is to wash / brush your teeth a minimum of two times a day.
Do not think of your oral implant tooth as a fake one, you must consider it as a natural tooth and ought to wash it at least more than once a day in the same way with which you clean your regular tooth.
# 2. Use Mouthwash Regularly.
There could be development of germs in your mouth after your oral implant surgery so it is extremely advised that you gargle to assist get rid of those bacteria as frequently as twice to three times in a day.
Eliminating the microorganisms is a required job for you. You should also take the tips of your dental professional on this.
# 3. Browse through Your Dentist Twice a Year.
This is critical in order to ensure your implanted tooth obtains the greatest care. You must opt for the regular appointment of your tooth at your neighborhood dental professional’s center at the very least two times a year.
After some time your dental implant could obtain loose so to fix it once more you have to go and see your dental professional at the very least when in 6 months so regarding preserve healthy teeth.

“This article was found to be helpful and funny to read as it came from England by the editors of the website and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Michaelis”

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OC dental implant patients death reminds us of importance of a qualified surgeon

OC dental implant patients death reminds us of importance of a qualified surgeon

Two years after one OC dental implant practioner’s horific alleged dental implant nightmare was report, patient advocate and Orange County (OC) dental implant surgeon Doctor Tom Michaelis reflects the story from a CBS News investigation that caused a dental patient to die. Dr. Michaelis is a board certified surgeon in the dentisty field and is a patient advocate of proper dental education and practice. He also serves as an expert witness in situations where dental malpractice is an issue in a case needing expert dental surgery advice.


A disturing note in this article below is the fact many patients rely on TV ads about dental implants rather than looking at education, reviews, and experience.

(July 28, 2014) NEWPORT BEACH (CBS2)– Several individuals are charging an Orange County dental practitioner of billing them hundreds of dollars for oral implants and ultimately never responding to their phone calls for help. CBS2 investigative press reporter David Goldstein uncovered those individuals never beinged aware the California Dental Board submitted a problem in 2012 against Dr. Thomas Teich. He was also located negligent this May in a med negligence suit where the patient passed away. That’s not all: Teich had served time in prison for mail fraud.


The dental professional refused to comment on the allegations and the dental board’s grievance”Doctor, we’ve spoken to a number of your clients who claim they’ve been abandoned by you after paying you tens of hundreds of bucks. Exactly how can you do that? Exactly how can you abandon these folks?” Goldstein said. Many individuals that visited Teich’s Newport Beach office claimed the experience was nothing to smile about. “I had many infections in my mouth, it was just astounding,” one client said. “I do not also speak the method I used to, and he damaged me inside my face. It’s not the same. I’m hurting. All these folks are hurting. There are many other individuals,” another individual stated. Patients stated they were drawn to the Smile Implant Center after seeing TELEVISION promotions, proclaiming the workplace as the leader in dental implants.


Oral implants are made use of to support crowns or dentures, and could set you back tens of countless bucks. “I wish them to recognize they took money from a widow,” Cynthia Hernandez stated. Teich’s office aided Hernandez get a financing for even more than $12,000 at virtually 28 percent interest. “I sold my handbags, my footwear, my jewelry– anything that I had to offer to pay for this– and I still are obligated to repay the financial institution at the very least $5,800 still,” Hernandez claimed. Clients claimed the cash wasn’t the concern. It’s exactly what took place after they got their implants. “Did your teeth fall out?” Goldstein said. “Yes, twice, two times, and the screws come off,” Hernandez claimed. And they some state when they attempted to obtain aid, after paying all the money upfront, visits were difficult ahead by. “They hold your money hostage,” an individual said. A dental board rep stated Dr. Teich need to never ever have been accredited in California. In 1994, the dental expert’s certificate was withdrawn in Arizona and Illinois. He was punished to 15 months behind bars for mail fraudulent and admitted to a history of drug dependency. In 1999, Teich’s certificate was renewed in Arizona. Three years later on, the Dental Board of California witched him authorization to practice right here. “He must not have been licensed back in 2002. He was licensed by chance,” stated Russ Heimerich, a speaker for the California Dental Board. The board confesses Dr. Teich didn’t hide his past record when he applied in California, now they state he should not have actually qualified for a certificate. Nevertheless, it’s late to merely take it away. “There are legal issues with that. So, you recognize just what we can do now is to attempt and shut him down based upon the present complaints that we have,” Heimerich said. In April 2011, the state oral board filed a grievance against Teich, accusing him of repeated negligent acts and amateur conduct.

In May of this year, Teich was discovered negligent in a wrongful death medical negligence lawsuit. The patient quit breathing and entered respiratory failing from anesthesia while getting dental implants. Teich’s Newport Beach office closed a few weeks ago after getting a notice he owed greater than $280,000 in back rental fee. Goldstein went to question Dr. Teich at his brand-new workplace in Santa Ana. While there, somebody drove by and hollered, “Thief! You’re a crook!” at the dental practitioner. The doctor stated he was experiencing economic issues, despite the fact that a Mercedes-Benz signed up to him was parked outside his new workplace. “I wish I could possibly care for all these folks and I am attempting,” Teich said. “Oh, started, these individuals say it’s been months; some state it’s been years,” Goldstein claimed. With that, the dental professional really did not answer anymore questions.

A lawyer for the Smile Implant Center stated Teich wasn’t dismissing clients. He claimed this was caused by a poorly executed office moving. He stated 4 of the patients who talked to CBS2 have because been planned to see the dental expert Wednesday.

To submit a grievance against your dental professional with the California Dental Board call -LRB-714-RRB- 923-9725 or email

“Doctor, we’ve spoken to a number of your patients who say they’ve been abandoned by you after paying you 10s of many thousands of bucks. There are so lots of various other individuals,” one more patient said. A dental board representative stated Dr. Teich ought to never have been authorized in California. A lawyer for the Smile Implant Center claimed Teich had not been ignoring individuals. He stated 4 of the patients that talked with CBS2 have actually considering that been planned to view the dentist Wednesday.

What is a patients Bill of Rights?

What is a patients Bill of Rights?

Doctor Tom Michaelis concurs with what was inspired by the University of Columbia and does recognize and practice lawful and ethical “Patient Bill of Rights.”

What is a patients Bill of Rights?

“What is a patients Bill of Rights?”

while you are a patient at any given treatment establishment where this is a practcing and board certified physician in the field to which you are seeking treatment, that you have a right, consistent with law to:.

  • Understanding the actual rights and if necessary will supply assistance and an interpreter.
  • That you receive treatment without discrimination as to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, disability or source of payment.
  • Receive considerate and respectful care in a clean and safe environment.
  • If needed, receive emergency care.
  • Be informed of the name and position of the persons rendering care and names and position of administrative staff.
  • Receive complete information about the dental diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.
  • Receive all the information needed for you to give informed consent including possible risks and benefits.
  • Refuse treatment and be told of the possible consequences of refusing that treatment.
  • After a full explanation, have a right to refuse to take part in research.
  • Privacy and confidentially of all information regarding your care.
  • Participate in decisions regarding your care.
  • Obtain your dental record for which you may be charged a reasonable fee. You legally can not be denied a copy solely because of inability to pay.
  • Receive a receipt for and explanation of all charges.

“Notice no where in the Patient Bill of Rghts does it say the staff has to be friendl and all smiles, that is simoply a bonus at my establishment.”


-Doctor Tom Michaeilis, Newport Beach Oral Surgeon –